2302 East Divide Avenue
Bismarck, ND 58501
Phone: 855-858-1880

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Are you looking for affordable and professional cremation services? We offer trusted cremation service with lower cremation costs.
Why Choose Dakota?
     Our Experienced Staff
     Trust is Everything
     Our Crematory
     Cremation Code of Ethics
     What Families are Saying
Services and Costs
     Direct Cremation Costs
     Price Shopping
     Choosing Cremation
     The Cremation Process: Step by Step
     Cremation Memorials
     Cremation Merchandise
          Cremation Vaults
          Cremation Urns
          Keepsakes & Memorial Jewelry
Plan Ahead
     Plan Ahead Online
     Designing your Cremation Service
     Benefits of Planning Ahead
     Planning Ahead Checklist
Grief & Healing
     Nature and Purpose of Grief
     The Experience of Grieving
     Helping Yourself Heal
     Coming to Terms with Unexpected Death
Help & Guidance
     Forms & Documents
     Who to Call First
     A Short History of Cremation
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